Name of the Project

Muziris Heritage Project
The Muziris Heritage Project is a novel attempt at the behest of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Govt of Kerala. It aims at retrieving the historical heritage of the Kodungallur-Paravur region and plans a combination of heritage management initiatives in its restoration, conservation and access to the public. KCHR, identified as the nodal agency for Muziris Heritage Project provides academic guidance and undertakes archaeological / historical research in the region. KCHR Chairman Dr. K.N.Panikkar submitted a concept note on Muziris Heritage Project pointing out the possibilities and potential of the proposal.

Pattanam Excavations 2007
The Pattanam excavations was the first ever multi- disciplinary excavation undertaken in Kerala State. The first part of the project was a surface survey for archaeological and historical evidence in the region. This was followed by extensive excavations at the early historic urban site of Pattanam. Pattanam is located in Chittatukara Panchayat -Vadakkekkara village, lying between Kodungallur and North Paravur in the Periyar Delta in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The main objective of the excavation was to search for archaeological evidence that would help to locate/identify an early historic urban settlement and the ancient Indo-Roman port of Muziris or Musiri on the Malabar Coast.

‘Charitra-Anweshana Yathrakal’
‘Charitra-Anweshana Yathrakal’ is a vacation programme for the school children across the state being organized by KCHR in association with the Department of Public Instruction. The programme is planned as a study journey into the environmental and cultural history of a select location. The project aims to acquaint the younger generation on the changing dynamics of man-nature relationship. Literally they will walk down the memory lane of the elders. At the onset, a three kilometre stretch in their locality has to be identified by observing closely its natural features. Students have to figure out the topography of the place, assess the continuity and change in lifestyles, land use patterns and the human ecology over a period of past sixty years and prepare a study report. During this journey, they have to explore into the history of the land use pattern, agricultural practices, associated arts and crafts, living memories and a host of other things relevant to the theme and that suits their interests. The students are expected to embark on this journey preferably in groups guided by either an elderly informed person or a teacher

Archives on Malayali Family Histories & Biographies
KCHR has a unique collection of Malayali Family Histories & Biographies. The collection has unpublished and published manuscripts, family histories, autobiographies, biographies, souvenirs, monographs, granthavarees, and nalvazhees. KCHR provides academic assistance to family history research and writing. The A.M.N. Chakyar Memorial Award is presented annually to the best Malayali Biography. The best family histories are also honoured each year from the books donated to the KCHR archives.
Oral History Project
This is an initiative to collect and compile Malayalam proverbs and publish a comprehensive Encyclopaedia of Malayalam Proverbs.
Digitising Kerala’s Past
The project proposes to conserve the documents and photographs relating to the historical, social, scientific and cultural heritage of Kerala. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) and River Valley Technology Group (RVT), Thiruvananthapuram are collaborating in the project by offering technological support.
Village Histories/Panchayath Vijnaneeyams
KCHR offers consultancy services to panchayaths and cultural organisations at the local level, in preparing local histories and mapping their historical heritage. KCHR published the Panchayath Vijnaneeyam of Vaniyamkulam Panchayath in Palakkad District, the first ever in Kerala.
As commissioned by the Information Kerala Mission, KCHR documented the local history of Vellanad Panchayath.
History of Malayali Migrations and Migrant Communities
The project proposes to collect, compile and study the historical data (including oral articulations, direct experiences, narratives and photographs) on Malayali migration. KCHR provides academic support to individuals and institutions interested in this area.
Biographical Documentation of Kerala Women, Dalits and Adivasis
This ongoing project was initiated in memory of Barrister G.P. Pillai, eminent journalist and freedom fighter.
Database on Kerala Social Reformers
The project attempts to create a comprehensive database on Chattambi Swamikal, Sree Narayana Guru and Ayyankali in collaboration with the Bodheswaran Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram. It also seeks to bring in the contributions of lesser known reformers of Kerala. Documents, publications, newspaper clippings, photographs and oral traditions are being collected.