‘Digitizing Kerala's Past’ is an inter disciplinary initiative by the Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR) to survey, store and study the historical, cultural and intellectual legacies of the people of Kerala. The ‘Digitizing Kerala’s past’ project envisages the collection and creation of a digital repository of various evidences related to archaeology, anthropology and history, lying scattered across the state and outside it as texts, images, monuments, artifacts, oral traditions ,myths, experiences and memories.

We have created an exclusive portal www.dkp.kchr.ac.in with a dedicated server for the project ‘Digitizing Kerala’s Past’. In the first phase we propose to digitize the diaries of Eliamma Matthen and transcribe through voluntary participation of the public. Also, the segment ‘Documentation of Everyday Life’ attempts to document everyday life of Malayalees through i)A day in the life of a Malayalee  ii)I have an event/experience to report.

We are also gathering information from the public to locate different source materials available with individuals and institutions. In an attempt to create a model for systematic documentation and digitization of institutional records, we have started listing and classification of the documents, books and records available with Central High School, Attakulangara, Thiruvananthapuram.

 In the second phase pre 1960 photographs and images related to the social and cultural life of Kerala will be digitized and documented in the website. We also plan to share the audio and video files of historical significance in the third phase. KCHR will maintain reference facility to provide public access to these documents and images under the regulatory protocols of public institution.

We invite your whole-hearted participation in our mission to create the online repository of historical evidences. Visit: www.dkp.kchr.ac.in.
You are also welcome to be a promoter of this project through offering donation for which 80G Income tax exemption is available.