Collaborative research is a precondition to widen the frontiers of knowledge. In the best traditions of academic collaboration, KCHR offers facilities for individual and institutional affiliation.
  • Affiliation is granted subject  the approval of the KCHR Executive Council
  • Upon the completion of the research project scholars must submit a copy of the thesis/report/publication to the Council

Facilities offered

  • Access to KCHR research resources.
  • Assistance in academic research.
  • Assistance to learn Malayalam language/ancient Indian scripts.
  • Facilities for lecture/seminar.

Download Application Form for Academic Affiliation

Current Affiliations

University of Bergen, Norway

      Affiliation in the Research Project “Challenging the State: Transmutations of Power in Contemporary Global Realities” with the University of Bergen, Norway.

University of Exeter, U.K.

         Associating with the University of Exeter, U.K. on the project “Medieval Kerala Mathematics : Historical Relevance and its Transmission to Europe”, KCHR jointly hosted an international workshop on the theme in Dec 2005.

University of Southampton, U.K.

         KCHR is associating with Dr. Lucy K Blue of Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton in the project “Maritime Ethnography of Traditional Boats”.